Do you love me is a series of parables from all aspects of life . There main objective is to make  us reflect on what our response to others may look like . It is designed to get you on your knees in prayer and seek God’s will in those areas . God bless .

Do you love me ? I was a faithful follower of God and got distracted from going to church anymore. I believe in God but don’t like the politics and hipocracy of church . We once served next to each other , laughed and cried together but when I left you never called to ask about me .

Do you love me ? Or was I just a number on the members role or in your class . Was I a dollar in your offering plate . A person to take care of your children for an hour each week . Where are you now?

Do you love me? As long as I always agreed with you . Believe exactly like you do and build my ministry the way you would. Look and sound just like you . Serve when and where you want me too.

Do you love me ? When I share my heart and soul ? When my class outgrows yours . When God blesses me in ways you never seen before . When He talks to me and walks with me . How about when he asks me to do something you say won’t work and he makes it a success.

We are all children of God on a journey . Do we love people as Christ does ? Do we love people or do we love the rebellious spirit that tears down and tries to control others and everything. More importantly do you love Jesus more than the devil’s greatest weapon a rebellious spirit .

Do you love me ?



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